Turning Old Tubes to Modern Treasure


Know what a CRT (cathode ray tube) television is? Didn’t think so! These relics have quickly been replaced by modern flat-screen TVs but for many of us, they hold nostalgia as we reflect on shared moments in front of the “tube” and how they introduced many firsts. This light (Afterimage of CRT) by h220430 studio, serves as a nod to these familiar fragments of entertainment history.

The design uses glass masses created when the cathode ray tubes are demolished. It transforms the material into an iridescent filter that creates interesting shapes, shadows, and colors as light shines through. On or off, they make for an interesting decorative element with an inspired past that many will appreciate.

Designer: Satoshi Itasaka of h220430


“In this installment I expressed the afterimage of the CRT, and tried to show my feeling of gratitude towards the CRT TVs. I believe that sense of beauty is nurtured through affection for objects, and mindfulness to value objects lead to kindness towards others and the environment. If such attitude spreads throughout the world, it will become a more beautiful and an attractive place,” designer Itasaka told YD.