Yellow Shape Above

In an aim to renew the use of so called traditional materials, designer Rodrigo Vairinhos of Neo Design presents this lovely yellow lamp that goes by the name “Longo.” Look at the elegance! Vairinhos informs us that the creation of this project is ecologically friendly, tying the always classic ceramic with the relatively new excellence of LED light. And it’s not just in yellow! Hooray for white/white, white/black, AND white/yellow.

What a strange shape for a lamp. Very neat, yes?

Material: ceramic
Available colors: white/white, white/black, white/yellow
Dimensions: 450mm x 200mm x 300mm
Weight: 3,825 Kg
Electrics: plastic cable EU/UK/US – 12 volts, max. 4 W, white LED

Designer: Rodrigo Vairinhos of Neo Design


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