Row Your Landlubbing Cart

Made for adults as well as children, this is the row-tastic exercise tool, similar to a city bike, where you’re able to rent, ride, and return without worry. Intended for low traffic areas, woodlands, beach, park and residential areas. Great for all sorts of forms of golf, row your way into the future of exercise and shared vehicle usage. It’s called the “RowRay,” and it’s made to sit at the back and row with your arms. This vehicle’s stripped down to the bare essentials so that you can use it, or carry it over a river if you’re on the Oregon trail, or row REALLY FAST if you’re in a RowRay race.

Head on over to the local RowRay stand, pay with your cellphone, and row around all day with your friends and family. Made specifically for families with an abundance of energy and lots of drive to roll around the city or along the country road or on some loving giant trails in the forest. Row 2 handles at once or back and forth between the two.

Designer: Troels Øhman