Lean, Mean, Muscle Machine

At a glance, this wild bike concept looks more like a sculpture… maybe even something out of the Body Worlds Exhibit! Drawing from our very own anatomy, Zapfina takes inspiration from the relationship between bones, ligaments, and muscles, translating their connection to a design language fit for 2-wheels. The Z shaped frame was formed like a joint to absorb shock and protect moving components like the chain and gears. All it needs is a little human muscle!

Designer: JiaLing Hu


  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Ohmygod! Would anyone actually want to sit on that? =D
    Besides, how the heck do you steer it, or pedal it for that matter? This makes you wonder whether the designer has ever used a bicycle. As a piece of art it is quite intriguing, though.

  • Malt says:

    I wouldn’t even want to ride this bike in a simulated video game environment.

  • Pepijn says:


    There is a hole at the place the bottom bracket would go, even as a steer on the last render. I only can’t find a gap where a chain would go for the chain, and for track racing there are bikes with less frontal area thus less air resistance.

    I do wonder what the black thing is i see in the second render in the background, and how the fitting of the bike would be.

  • Kreature says:

    Is there a video of the bike in use? And how do you get one if you wanted it?

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