15 Amazing Bicycles For The Future of Seoul

Seoul is one city that is conscious of the fact that we need to ride more bicycles and loosen up the traffic congestion. To advocate their intent Seoul Design Fair hosted the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010, where entries from around the world we welcomed. The mission was to provide a cycle for the city dweller, so that he can adopt cycling into his daily routine and lead a healthy lifestyle. The city on its part, promises to provide all the infrastructure needed to promote it. Let’s take a look at main features of 15 of the best entries in random order!

15) Bike 2.0 by Nils Sveje, Inoda Sveje design studio & IPU Produktudvikling

Main Features: comfortable ride with energy leveling and the stepless gearbox, option of adding seat-tube battery for speed, two wireless control-units (that work with two wireless rings on the handlebar) help control your ride.

14) Beik by Lukas Jungmann

Main Features: Audi branding, folding mechanism, articulated frame steering and the untypical frame setup.

13) Tribune by Thüring Lukas, Lukas Thüring & Florian Vecsey

Main Features: electric operated tricycle-recumbent bike, powered by a generator and an electric motor, external battery increases drive capacity, lockable little boot to store items above the rear wheel, adjustable headrest and pedals, flexible backrest, front and back lights for safety, ergonomic design.

12) Ridenpush by You Ho Jeon

Main Features: a riding cycle with a wagon can transform into a push cart when heavy, intended for the elderly.

11) Ufold by André Costa

Main Features: a cross between a mountain bike size and a city bike, easy to use folding system, handle in the frame makes it easy to push, when closed, central joint in the two piece frame, safety trigger and an angle two piece frame help in aligning the wheel when opened.

10) Full Circle by Sanghyun jeong & Jun-Tae Park

Main Features: compact sized city bike, large wheel size (508mm, 20inch), no chains but free wheel gear directly connects to its pedal, most of its parts can be folded, including saddle and handle bars.

9) Molecule by Yongjin Lee

Main Features: body is modeled on the river Han of Seoul, unique shape.

8 ) Helo by Junkyo Lee

Main Features: unique body, integrated lock design to prevent theft.

7) ROOnighT by Yong-Bum Lim & Park Jong-Soon

Main Features: harnesses energy from the cycling to power its lights at night, the polycarbonate frame emits light through O.L.E.D, transforming the bicycle into a night light for the street it’s parked in, intended for a public sharing system for bikers.

6) X Bike by Woogyeong Go, Dong-ha Kim & Kyeongpyo Cho

Main Features: looks like the letter “X”, no chain technology.

5) Carrier Bike by Shin Hyung Sub Shin

Main Features: a convenient carrier, shelf located in the middle of the bicycle, designed to help carry the users luggage.

4) SE:CUrity Lock System by Sang Yong Park & Jae Yong Park

Main Features: the steering features a number lock system, locks by pushing the handles down, locks into the front wheel of the cycle, unique body design.

3) T-bike by Jung Geun Tak & Shinhyun Kang of T.A.K studio

Main Features: iconic design, folding handlebars double up as a lock, embedded GPS, E-INK and EPD technology used in the embedded monitor, adjustable seat via a lever with the seat height index (indicator), seat height can be adjusted while being seated.

2) Sideways Bike by Michael Killian

Main Features: two wheel steering bicycle with independently steerable wheels, travels sideways, unique and distinct motion, best suited for children from age 7.

1) Trileaf by Jihyeong Kim

Main Features: eco electric tricycle, can be used in a public rental system, has a tilting mechanism and a steering in the front, electric motor in the rear, emergency raincoat box built under the seat.

Bonus Entry!

How can we not have a bonus entry! By The Way all the images and credits go to our friends at Designboom, who have co-organized the event for Seoul Design Fair.

Viento – Urban Folding Bicycles by Gil Sheffi

Main Features: folding cycle, super-formed aluminum frame, hubless pedal system, hollow main axis, neatly folded look.