Electrolux Design Lab Finalists Get Mocked!

Socked! Well don’t be, because this time the mocking is for a good reason. As a part of their competition procedure, Electrolux Design Lab finalists’ designs get fabricated as mock-ups and are displayed at the Electrolux Design Lab booth at the 100% Design London fair. Here is a look at how glossy and sleek these futuristic products can look in our homes. As sketches and renders, it’s difficult to judge how any product will adapt to its environment. Life-size replicas give us a peek at how they will look at home. The engineering and technology bit has been left out for the moment, but then that’s what R&D is there for…we’ll let the techies worry about the workings while we celebrate Product Design!

Watch Webcast Of Electrolux Design Lab @ 100% Design London Here.

Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev

Dismount Washer by Lichen Guo

Snail Micro Induction Cooker by Peter Alwin

Elements Modular Kitchen by Mathew Gilbride

Clean Closet by Michael Edenius

Kitchen Hideaway by Daniel Dobrogorsky


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