Electrolux Design Lab 20 Semi Finalists 2013

It is always a pleasure to chat with Electrolux Design Director and Head of Jury, Thomas Johansson and this Monday our conversation on Google Hangout was exceptional. Besides discussing the obvious – this years phenomenal entries to the Electrolux Design Lab, we got talking about the typical use of appliances in an Indian household. He was surprised to know that a majority don’t use dishwashers and we still prefer hand-washed clothes to the washing-machined ones! In any case, without further ado, let me announce the Electrolux Design Lab 20 Semi Finalists For 2013.

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-GmQxfnK5M 600 451]

2D Kitchen by Ermi van Oers

The wall mounted 2D Smart Kitchen with a full set of kitchen appliances automatically prepares your meals. It gives you more space, more time for each other and makes you a perfect cooked dinner.

3F by Germain Verbrackel

The name of this appliance 3F stands for Form Follows Function. This is an appropriate name, since the physical body of this vacuum cleaner can change form and expand to suit the task required.

Air Drop by Jillian Tackaberry

The Air Drop is an air cleaner, which uses plant purification for harmful gasses and filter purification for dust and other particles.

Atem by Małgorzata Blachnicka

Atem is a breathing window panel, which opens your space to the outside world. It provides constant air circulation by letting in only clean air, balancing the air temperature according to your needs and creating an ambiance to your home.

Atomium by Luiza Silva

Atomium is a 3D printer that uses molecular ingredients to construct food layer by layer.

Breathing Wall by Jeabyun Yeon

Breathing Wall is a wall integrated air-cleaning concept for people who live in urban areas and want to relax and rest in a home with fresh air.

Cellular Pillow by Qing Ji

The Cellular Pillow is an air cleaning system and a pillow, which refreshes the air around us during our sleep, just like we would be sleeping in the forest.

Coco by Kristīne Bula

COCO is an air cleaner, which is inspired by nature as it creates an atmosphere of meadow freshness at your urban house without consuming electrical energy.

Global Chef by Dawid Dawod

Global Chef is a kitchen appliance that brings people together all across the world by using laser hologram technology and is thus also a strong visual experience for cooking.

Hand Tree by Alexandr Kostin

Hand tree is a personal air purifier concept, which is cleaning and filtering the air around us with a wearable appliance accessory.

Harvest Matching by Ke chang-han

Harvest Matching it is an easy and fun way to monitor how your plants are growing and becoming ripe as well as inviting friends to cook together.

Jell Balls by Juan Lee

Jell Balls is a cleaning appliance to hoover up dust using jell surface tension principle for eight jell surfaced balls which roll around a space which is to be cleaned.

Kitchen Hub by Francisco Barboza Grasa

Kitchen Hub is a device designed to help the family eat better, healthier and to reduce food waste. The food stock app controlling information of the ingredients you have at home is the core of it and the rest of apps are a logical consequence.

Mab by Adrian Perez Zapata

Mab is an automated cleaning system consisting of hundreds of flying mini-robots, which will clean all surfaces giving magic to daily activities. Mab will scan and clean up the house using the flight of the mini-robots, will also determine the areas in which the house is divided to run custom cleanings.

Music Yue by Jiawei Huang

Music Yue is a noise converter, solving the stressful noise pollution problem in urban areas.

Nutrima by Janne Palovuori

Nutrima is an appliance which calculates the nutritional values, possible toxins and freshness of your food and ingredients.

Ohita by Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco

Ohita is an air cleaner with a modular kinetic sculpture structure. The appliance modules can be placed to your home and decorate the environment, but they are also wearable accessories you can take with you as you leave your home and carry around you in the city to protect you from breathing bad air.

Orbita by Natalia Aguado

Orbita is a cleaning appliance making use of the energy created by body movement as energy source of the appliance.

OZ-1 by Wei Kiat Law

OZ-1 is a portable air purifier and stress reliever all integrated in a fashion piece. While showing their fashion style, the user can choose to personalize the device with different cover design to match their clothing.

SEAbreeze by Fanni Csernátony

SEAbreeze is an indoor air quality control system works with seawater and provides clean, salty air, drinking water and a mild breeze in the room.