Safe Safe Safe Watches

The following post contains quite the security safe. It’s called “The Chronos” and it’s the most advanced safe yet produced by Brown Safe Manufacturing. Each Chronos features biometric finger print recognition, gps anti-theft systems, multi-sensor alarm with home automation incorporation, and automatic watch winders. And if these lovely items weren’t enough to strike your fancy, the Chronos is the only safe in the entire world to be constructed of military-grade ballistic armor.

These safes are safe. That’s for sure. That ballistic armor isn’t going to be cracked any time soon. I’m told this blasts this safe far above any previous protection level rating system. And what’s the most amazing feature of the Chronos, if you ask me? The fact that it’s made to protect your collection of watches!

That’s right, the Chronos is made specifically for watches, and if you’re feeling fancy, the rest of your jewelry. Below you’re going to see several configurations of the Chronos along with a few close-ups. These interiors are just as or even more luxurious than their containment outers. They consist mainly of drawers and other lovely methods for containment, including the most amazing watch-safe-related feature I’ve ever seen.

Yes, yes, it is the Automatic Watch Winder Carousel. The first of its kind, this carousel groups the winders circularly to maximize the amount of space available, and with a motorized stack, makes each watch available in a super fabulous and excellent fashion.

Below you’ll see several iterations and personalizations in the Chronos series, including the ever-wild Lamborghini style for hiding all your stacks of solid-platinum diamond-encrusted car-inspired watches in.

Designer: Brown Safe Mfg.