Pulloof smartphone concept will live on as hanging speaker even when other phones are thrown away

Concept phones are designed to showcase the working possibilities of what the upcoming version of an exciting lineup or an altogether a different smartphone would look and feel when launched. Deviating from this notion is this concept phone that rethinks the way mobile phones are used and disposed of the afterlife. This conceptual design draws some uncanny references to be more than a phone, a device that would survive – be useful – after the user chooses to upgrade, and doesn’t want to use the old phone anymore.

Designed keeping in mind the idea of integrating human behavior and sustainable design, the Pulloof: Smart Phone Concept is meant to survive after its lifetime, not just in memory, but as a device that is still fresh to the touch and use, besides its smartphone functionality.

Designer: Gisung Han

When presented with the question what happens when “the display disappears from a smartphone,” what would people use it for? Gisung Han long before clamshell phones took off because of their display real estate had visioned the Pulloof – inspired by a vintage B&Q radio – as a phone delivering on people’s music consumption through phone. He designed “a sustainable speaker by emphasizing the speaker” functionality of the smartphone.

The Pulloof as a sustainable solution is a dream object that remains valuable after its use as a smartphone as “something that people will keep wanting to touch.” This would be an environmentally safer option since people would stick on to their device even when upgrading to a new phone ensuring lesser electronic waste. People wouldn’t want to throw away a smartphone just because they are upgrading to a bigger screen.

Pulloof thus has a different design approach than a usual smartphone. It is a combination of pull and loop, a phone that features a hidden speaker accessible by pulling out from a round surface using a loop on the phone. With its properties and design, the designer believes, “Even if other phones are thrown away, ‘Pulloof’ will not be thrown away.” This phone will survive anywhere as a hanging speaker (from the loop), so it is usable in the bathroom or in the outdoors to keep you entertained.