Microbes Free Kitchen Thingies

So what is your cleaning routine for dishcloths and kitchen cutting boards? Mine is this: for the cutting board, I scrub it clean with an ordinary dish-soap and every now and then I boil the dishcloth in soap + disinfectant water. I follow this routine for the lack of “sterilizing aids” in India, plus we are the lazy sorts…we have house helps to do most of this stuff. But on this global forum, I’m becoming more aware of the hazards of not having a good sanitizing routine. If I were to pick one, I’d use this convenient Pure System that sanitizes the cloth and board; in one go.

Although not specified by the designer, I am assuming it uses a UV system and maybe some washing techniques as well. I like its wall mount orientation, can have it hanging next to the water filter system that I have.

Designer: Chang Shin Gwak