I have a confession; I realize I make far too many movie references in my posts for the beautiful concept designs we receive here at Yanko. The reason to me is clear, so many times in our modern world, the creative minds in the movie industry spark our imaginations and inspire us to shape our realities. Take for example the now iconic “Startac” phone from Motorola, inspired by the communicators of the old Star Trek series. Or how about the “AIRFLITE” by KINZO lighting originally designed by Sir Ken Adams for the movie Dr. Stragelove. That lamp was so part of our memories that former president Ronald Reagan actually asked where it was when first shown the actual Pentagon War Room.

Which brings me to our latest submission. Designer C. Darius Delaunay-Driquert has dreamed up a more utopian society where amputees are not bound by the limitations of their handicap, but enhanced by them through bionic prosthetics. The “METIS” connects to the human nervous system and gives an amputee a full 360˚ range of motion, as well as access to virtual dimensions via integrated 3G and Wifi. Now before you jump to the any negative thoughts of how silly a WiFi enabled bionic arm may be, keep in mind that the designer is simply proposing we dream of next step enhancements to the handicapped, instead of simply playing catch up with our current body design.

Designer: C. Darius Delaunay-Driquert