Sit with Tiny Footprints

The “Gusset Chair”, even the name is ugly. Now before you think I am being too negative about designer Peter Saloon’s latest creation, keep in mind that he himself described it as “ugly” and confessed that “no thought was given to aesthetic matters…” but that was never the point for his chair design. Saving our planet from unnecessary packaging and shipment waste is the name of the game here. The Gusset Chair is named for the design methodology known as Gusset “ribs” or “rails”. By employing this efficient design feature, the designer was able to envision the making of customizable chairs that could be regionally licensed and distributed based on local preferences, sharply reducing packaging and freight. The felt seating area is un-dyed and sustainable wool and the finish is oil and wax with no VOCs. Made of 100% Richlite®, a post consumer waste paper bi-product and Greenguard certified. “Ugly” and proud of it.

Designer: Peter Saloom