The Strangest Skateboard Table

Of all the skateboard deck and skateboard sport related furniture I’ve seen in all my years of seeing such things in my line of work, I have never, ever, seen something so wild as this. This is the strangest, wildest, most wacky piece of skateboard furniture I have ever seen. It tops both the categories of skateboard related AND skateboard constructed (meaning there’s skateboard parts included) furniture. Tops. Wild.

This amalgamation is called PigZig 2.0 and it’s meant to be a hallway table. The “over vertical” element (the two big swoops piece) is made of hand fabricated stainless steel. Maple skateboard decks on top, 369 Independent trucks holding 75mm BigZig lime green wheels on the bottom.

Whether you plan on placing some glasses of caffeine-laced soda pop on top or dropping this into a halfpipe with you on top of it, please, PLEASE use nothing but caution. So, so much of it.

Designer: Dan McCabe