The Finest Books Read While Seated

Certainly not an early runner for this years Most Complicated Design Award, Studio KG brings us what’s called the “Read-In-Peace.” A deadly title, yes? This book stand stands for sitters, quite simply. While most book stands are made for those who inspect them standing up, the RIP allows the reader to sit nicely.

Made for all weathers, KG says, bench, sofa, or toilet.

A little folding action and I’ll take the whole bundle!

Designer: Studio Kawamura Ganjavian


  • Eric says:

    Ugh, leaning over for a book read no thanks. I slouch my back enough using this computer.

  • aniam says:

    not really a new design it is similar to stands used all over the Middle East, Africa and Asia for placement of the holy Quran. only diference is in this case the stand id used while sitting on a chair as opposed to sitting on the ground.

  • Steven says:

    just to see the pic hurts my back.. i prefere reading in my bed or in another confortable position…

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