All Your Furniture are Slot

Designer Niclas Waldorf Slot would like to give you an idea of what’s going on in his head and his studio. His line of work centers around a collection called “Slot Futniture.” The example we use here is the “3 in 1” table, a table which revolves around, as you can imagine, three ideas. Those ideas in a nutshell are timelessness, multi-functionality, and flat-packaging. It’s completely slot-tastic.

The table is made to be timeless and simple. The table is meant to be used as a dining OR office OR conference room table, simply by changing around the pieces (SLOT!) Then finally the table is made to be flat-packed, keeping costs down all around, especially in the amount of packaging it requires (small), also saving the environment which is in dire need of saving.

The “3 in 1” table you see see in this post as well as most/all of the rest of the Slot collection is produced with bamboo plywood because of its eco-friendly nature and, of course, its natural beauty. There’s no scruvs, fitting, or glue involved here, only SLOTs! The table changes from one use to the next by a simple moving of the legs. On the table there are 2 dowels, each of them attachable to the tabletop holes providing the opportunity for you to have whatever table you desire.

Love change!

Designer: Niclas Waldorf Slot
Photographer: Caroline Tengen