Presto Furniture Change-o!

This project goes by the name “ReStyle.” It is not a singular bit a furniture, but a collection which goes together, comes apart, works together, and works apart. It flips and floops and turns and sits in any number of configurations limited only by your own mind (and in some cases, the physical universe). What will you do with such a system of objects? Basically everything? Or will you set it one way and use it that way forever? It is a journey for a strong furniture loving heart.

ReStyle aims to be forever useful, “Longevity through versatility” is one of its credo verses. These are too:

ReStyle is a compact coffee table cluster.
ReStyle is two tables, two chairs
ReStyle is storage.
ReStyle is a desk, a seat, and a book-shelf.
ReStyle is a child’s dining table.
ReStyle is a TV and games unit.
ReStyle is a playground for children.
ReStyle is versatile.
ReStyle is sustainable.
ReStyle is whatever you want it to be.

Having just moved into a new apartment, having just moved furniture and entirely too much physical loot from one place to another not knowing what’s going to happen in this new environment I say yes, instantly, this ReStyle system has got to be somehow a great big yes in the futures of hip nomads. It’d be so great to not have to change furniture (buy and sell or trash) each time one moves due to changing space and junk requirements. Having items that sit on their head or their side… that’s just smart.

BONUS – I must tell you that this project (ReStyle) reminds me very much of the first project I ever had the privilege of writing about here at Yanko Design – Brian Lee’s Chubby Brothers Hidden Chairs Dinner Table. Similar vein!

Designer: James Howlett