Wet then Dry – Rack and Roll

Adaptation – that’s what this project is about. Designer Keith Xianrong Zheng presents “Diator Rack,” a research project based on the book: “Thoughtless Acts” by Jane Fulton Suri and IDEO. This is one of those fantastic senior projects that design students do, this one from Zheng, a student at Central Saint Martins – smart, well thought out, well executed. This one’s a rack which is super simple, sturdy, and heats up your clothing as it hangs up on the rack. Toasty!

Zheng did a whole lotta research and development here, and found one of the super awesome secrets of living in a winter wonderland like me (I live in Minnesota) – that is, of course, drying your wet clothing off on the radiator. What this radiator rack does is work basically the same way a radiator does with heat flowing through several parts of it allowing for some excellent drying of clothes, but with the added bonus of not being ugly! It’s completely the opposite of ugly in fact, looking so nice you might just wanna kiss it.

Then, when not in action supporting the drying of clothes, the rack acts as a simple holder of those same jackets, coats, hats, shoes, or whatever else you can think to hang up there.

Designer: Keith Xianrong Zheng