Hooray for Cardboard!

This project has a fabulous title: “Can Cardboard Cut It?” That question mark means the whole project is a question for the consumer to answer. My answer, without even sitting on it, is a definite maybe. It’s a hundred percent recyclable, so that’s definitely a good start. Then it all fits together, the stool inside the chair. Two plusses in one! Then What a wonderful feature – it’s finished! Yes, there’s a lovely clear varnish painted over the entire two bits of furniture to enhance and protect.

This entire project is constructed with already-recycled corrugated cardboard and stainless steel threaded rods and bolts. Layers are altered, and negative space is played up to work WITH the material rather than against it. When you’ve got cardboard on your hands, just rock it!

Playful, fabulous, lovely. Designer Tim May knows what’s up.

Designer: Tim May

Can Cardboard Cut It? by Tim May