Valve coin saver gives you satisfaction when you pull the plug

I hate carrying around coins in my wallet or in my bag. So whatever coins I get, I put it in a container. I try to convince myself I’m able to save some money when I do that. But the truth is that since I can easily open said container, I keep taking out the coins when I need them so there are no savings in sight. The challenge would be to put them in something that I can’t easily open or break to help me discipline myself. Or maybe choose a container that’s a bit more interesting or fun.

Designer: Thereal Mutian

The Valve Piggy Bank looks like a pretty interesting concept for a coin container and money saver. It is made from glass and is transparent, which lets you see how many coins you’ve already put inside it and if it’s time to break it open. It looks like a jar with two slits at the cover which seems to be able to fit any coin size since there are various currencies with different sizes. You’ll see a small, thin rope in the middle that’s connected to a sort-of valve at the bottom and that’s what makes this different from other piggy banks.

Just like the plug or valve at your sink that you pull the drain the water, this piggy bank also has a valve and plug that you pull so that all the coins will come out of your bank. It’s not a high-tech or unusual thing but there’s probably a certain satisfaction of seeing all the coins that you were able to store and save fall out when you need to count them or even eventually spend them. It brings back memories of breaking the piggy bank when I was young, although this one you actually don’t need to break.

It still won’t solve the problem of having easy access to your coins as you can pull the plug so to speak anytime you want to. So the answer will still be storing it somewhere that will not be so easy to open or to just have more discipline if you really want to save some coins for a rainy day.