Winged Faucets of Love

This project goes by the name “Wings”, a faucet system that contains and distributes that lovely liquid on bird’s pride-like handles. Designer Kobi Kor presents a faucet with a lovely head. A new head, for a new world! A new world in the bathroom at least. The main mission for the Kor here was to enhance the pleasure of water, and thusly, with such lovely forms, Kor does just that. Uniqueness and a definite “looking at you” form produce a fabulous experience for any water lover.

And you love water, right? It gives you life! These faucets were designed to appear to be facing you, giving you your every order on command. The user can balance water heat and flow “with two fingers only!”, an experience that apparently feels like riding the water.

High quality, low cost, gives out water. Good to go!

Designer: Kobi Kor