When earphones and jewelry design converge


Designed to look like ornaments, rather than those Bluetooth headsets you see businesspeople and security details wearing, the OD Earphones are truly wireless, but come with a cord that connects the earpieces together in a way that looks tasteful while making sure you don’t lose one earpiece on a crowded train.

The elegantly styled OD is named after the two visual elements that comprise it. The O-shaped audio driver, and the D-shaped metal ring that gives the earphones character as well as a place to hang the connecting cord from. They even dock seamlessly into the charging case, and can easily be removed by simply sliding your finger under the D-Ring to take each earpiece out. Designed with classic color combos like black and silver, white and rose gold, and my personal favorite, olive green and gold, the OD may perform like earphones, but they look like haute couture!

Designers: Joongho Choi, Hyunsoo Choi & Jeong Kim.