Bedazzled By The Charming Phone

Smashing to look at, you’d be surprised to know what specs this beauty called Lightpool Phone posses. Designed by Hironao Tsuboi, the bedazzler features TFT Liquid Crystal display and 8.08 megapixels / CMOS camera. Crafted with a unique expressive edge, the phone comes to life with colorful lights that shimmer in sync with your tunes. The black and white version reminds me of the quaint cottages I saw on my last trip to Europe. If I were to pick, I’d go with the pink version…which one would you choose?

Light Features:

  • 22 LED Triangles cover the outer surface of the phone.
  • 10 preset light and sound themes included.
  • 60 different patterns of light shimmer, when you receive a call or open and close the phone.
  • Lights also shimmer on the hour to indicate the time.

Designer: Hironao Tsuboi for IIDA