Cute Puppy Bowl Holders on the Bend

Hooray! I love me some doggie products, especially since my Fiance and I are getting our first puppy in less than a week! You know what that means? It’s time to start thinking about accessorizing. Not just collars and fabulous chew toys, those are a given, what about some nice doggie bowls? Every dog’s gotta eat, and the bowls have gotta be there somewhere in the house, so why not make them look fantastic? Here’s a solution: Roxie Doggie bowls!

Now, I’ve gotta say I’m doubly excited to write about these bowls and bowl holders because not only is the design excellent, but it’s also done by an alumni of my alma mater – the Minneapolis College of Art and Design! Maya Khaira is a graduate of the MCAD furniture program, which is right up there with graphic design as the most PRO of majors you can graduate with from this Midwest USA design college. It rocks, and clearly M.Khaira’s rockin it.

These bowls are super pretty, too. Imagine them sitting around in your modern wood-floored apartment or home. Imagine the look on the puppy’s face when you reveal the most amazingly fabulous food dish they’ve ever stuffed their snout into. Just imagine it!

So cute. So nice. So puppytastic.

Made as “Big Bend” or “Little Bend” and in Maple or Zebrawood.

Designer: Maya Khaira

Roxie Doggie Big Bend and Little Bend bowl holders by Maya Khaira