Smokers Rejoice! Open Smoking Booth

Design to encourage a bad habit? Go figure! FRESH is an open smoking booth designed for airport terminals. This “bubble” of self contained smoke air is filtered and fresh air is released. It’s modern and sleek with a circular arm stand on the base embedded into the floor. A cylindrical glass ash bin with a metal top stands in the middle.

When this system starts, the smoke is filtered by the arm top  where low-pressure air is generated. The “air wall” (a transition between low air pressure and high air pressure) keeps the smoke within it. Then the purified fresh air is sent out to the center of the booth from the lower part of the arm. The smoking space is therefore created by this invisible spherical “air wall” through which the travelers can walk conveniently in and out of.

D.K. Wei was a finalist in our RELAX furniture design contest and received honorable mention for his Cloud Sofa. Open Smoking Booth is I.D. Magazine’s Annual Design Review 2009 winner. Congratulations!

Designer: D.K. Wei