Ropes for Bums

And of course by bums I mean rumps, bottoms, butts, whatever you’d like to call your pillowy hindquarters. You’re about to get held up by some industrial rope design and curly, twisty, lovely wooden beauty. This is “Tensile Furniture” by designer Yoav Reches and it requires no tools to assemble. Made of wood, a tiny bit of metal, and rope, and that’s it. The rope, as guided through a pattern of grooves, gets groovy by holding the whole structure of each bit of furniture here together. Then you sit. No extra intelligence needed, just a little physics knowledge to get you going.

The tiny bit of metal is stainless steel. Other than that, it’s all made out of softness and cool hard woodness. There’s Birch plywood, Iroko hardwood, and a bit of fabric for that bottom we were talking about.

Sitting pretty!

Designer: Yoav Reches


Tensile Furniture by Yoav Reches