Raise Your Spatula High

Or better yet, let the spatula raise its own arm up in to the sky. Holla at the sun! Hooray for cleanliness! That’s what you’ll have when you’ve got this amazingly simply innovated-upon set of utensils has just one combo that noone else has got: a weight and a small pillar. With the weight and the stand, you’ll never have a mess in your kitchen again. …at least as a result of your spatula.

Really, truly, seriously, do you know how helpful I would have found these when I first started living on my own, first taking the time to cook extended meals for myself? Totally. If that’s your situation, get on top of these. All the functionality you need to stay fit in the kitchen without the mess, and an array of colors to spice up the atmosphere!

Bachelor with a degree in kitchen intelligence.

That’s you with these.

This set includes a solid spoon, slotted spoon, flexible turner, slotted turner, ladle and spaghetti server.

Designer: Gillian Westley [Buy them Here, Elevate Utensils are available for $40 @ YD Store]

Elevate Utensils by Gillian Westley

Elevate Utensils are available for $40 @ YD Store






  • mif991 says:

    Bravo! good design and nice presentation.

  • faye67 says:

    love this design.very usefull

    • Noah says:

      Great idea! Practical. No information on the materials, though. Are they non-stick? Will they scratch sensitive surfaces? It appears so, but it would be nice to have clarification.

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