Internet Plate Transformer

How would you like to be able to download physical objects in the same way you, today, download internet apps? Someday! Designer Nick Smigielski presents “Morphware”, a plate-transforming internet-connected dish creator. What it does, in the same way you download and use items from the internet, is allow you to download designs for your food-holding objects, turning regular disks into the plate of your dreams!

That’s right! It uses what I call “magic technology!” Someday it’ll be possible, I tell ya.

You’ve got your Morphware. It sits in or on your counter, just waiting for your command. Get your standard dish disks ready, and use that panel to search the internet (or the plate-“app”-store) to find the plate you’d love to choose to use. When you’ve got it, place your blank plats on the dish, hit the go button, and wait for the transformation to occur. Power to the plate is transferred wirelessly by a power frequency resonator, a bit of technology that allows a non-radioactive energy transfer.

This is where the magic exists.

Each piece of dishware has it’s own “charge” or unique code. Once you’ve got the one you choose in there, the Morphware Plate rearranges the liquid piezoelectric polymer into your selection. Once you’ve used these new objects, just return them to the plate and press the “remove charge” button to flatten them back out for easy storage and cleaning.

Designer: Nick Smigielski