Modern Memories Made in the Kitchen

The MeMeNtiC Connected Pot merges traditional cookware with modern tech in an aim to bring people back together in the kitchen. With its interactive lid and visual timeline body, users can connect with a favorite chef to recreate a famous dish or upload their family’s favorite recipes…. all with step-by-step instructions and visual cues that assist in the process. Better yet, data can be shared with loved ones in other locations for real time interaction as if you were doing it together!

There’s a big circle on top of the pot that creates an emotional interaction between the user and this cooking appliance. This circle lights up (white light) when the connected pan-pot is in the standby mode, during this mode, all interactive information is displayed on the lid of the pot-pan. When the circle turns to blue colored light, it means the food inside hasn’t been cooked yet, but it gently turns into orange-red color when your food is ready.

Designer: Fatemeh Bateni