Food Storage Orchestra

What better way to store your gobs and gobs of food than with a full band? This is the “Food Symphony” by Chow Pei Huan, Ho Wen Chi, and Chua Kai Ren, designing conceptually for Electrolux. In a way that, as far as I know, has never been done before, this big box can store food, and store it well. In individual storage units with adjustable temperature settings it stores, sensing the integrity of the food inside as it does so. This is the sort of thing you’ll wonder how you lived without.

It’s the new fridge.

Smart lids: Covering each unit in the box is a bit of smart glass. What this sort of glass allows is for you to see what’s inside, turning transparent when it detects you are near, and opaque when you’re away.

Temperature zones: Each drawer can have its temperature adjusted with a finger run along the lid. Each of the smaller drawers have one adjuster, the main drawers have two temperature zone. In addition to custom temps, there’s also five temperature modes: freezer, meats, vegetables and fruits, refrigerator, and off.

Range of compartment sizes: The main, larger drawers are made for items you might not use everyday, while the side drawers are made for stuff you’ve just gotta have all the time! Breakfast cereals, drinks, and condiments go in these smaller drawers. Then there’s one taller compartment for bigger items like tall bottles.

Bacteria sensor: Every drawer has an expiration sensor and bacteria detector. It scans bar codes and detects nastiness to keep you healthy, showing you where the grossness is by glowing red in whatever drawer contains it. It’s kind of like the Batphone, but for your food.

Now lemme tell you this – this concept is amazing. I’m sure I’d never be able to afford it, but if it were real, and I could, I would. I can’t tell you how helpful it’d be, especially the B-Sensor. Totally!

Designers: Chow Pei Huan, Ho Wen Chi, and Chua Kai Ren