This compact food pod keeps your meal at its perfect temperature anywhere you go

Whether we plan on eating at the office, having a meal outdoors, or sharing food at a friend’s house, we’ve all come across the joys and sorrows of moving food from one place to another. Extra care has to be taken that the food doesn’t spoil while also retaining its ideal temperature, be it hot or cold. Spilling food, especially sauces, is a huge disaster, and it happens too often to be called an accident. Containers that can prevent all these mishaps from happening do exist, but, more often than not, you pay for that with their bulky and heavy bodies. What should be an enjoyable meal can turn into a hellish preparation, which is why The Pod almost feels like a miracle, carefully carrying your favorite food inside, ready to be enjoyed at its best, anytime.

Designer: Omi Labs

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It might still have a stigma of being a kid’s school accessory, but lunch boxes have become an adulting thing, too, especially when it means being able to eat healthy and save money. They also come in different designs, shapes, and functions, with some simply holding food while others can also keep them hot or cold for a little while. Some also have different compartments for different kinds of food, but mixing foods that have different temperatures often results in soggy, unappetizing meals when it’s finally time to take them.

The Pod solves all these problems in a form that’s no larger than an iPad. Despite its compact size, it can hold around 1,500ml of food without spilling them. Better yet, you can put different foods in different containers, and they each keep to themselves without mixing smells, temperatures, and tastes. Say goodbye to soggy noodles, cold soup, melted ice, and spilled sauces, all thanks to this innovative thermal lunch box with a minimalist style that you can match to your personal tastes.

The secret to the Pod can be found in its two main parts. The Pod itself is a flask that uses 316 medical-grade stainless steel and a Japanese-inspired five-layer composition that keeps hot food hot and cold food cold for hours. This leak-proof container has a 13cm diameter opening that is equivalent to a typical soup bowl, making it convenient to scoop out your meal or enjoy it directly from the flask.

An equally important part of the Pod is the FDA-approved and BPA/BPS-free Silicone Container that literally adds another layer to your meal-to-go. In addition to being a place to put your food in, the container itself can be safely placed inside microwaves and freezers to prepare your food before you jet. Of course, it’s also dishwasher safe, so cleaning the silicone bowl shouldn’t be yet another cause of stress.

Just as bringing your own healthy meal is a lifestyle choice, the Omi Pod can also be a personal expression. In addition to your choice of pastel color, you can also swap out the silicone strap with an eye-catching signature rainbow design to match your style. Starting at just $68, this compact and stylish food pod will keep your favorite food at its best, removing all the prep worry and letting you enjoy that scrumptious meal just the way you like it, even when you’re not at home.

Click Here to Buy Now: $60 $120 (50% off). Hurry, only 80/100 left!