Replicator of Foods

Transporter of ideas. Yes, it’s Star Trek time. Not only is this a food scanner, it’s a food producer. A food cloner, able to transport information over long distances via technology we’ve got already today, replicating the food then with math. Mathematical equations make all things possible. Some science, too, and some goo. Made by the designer specifically to recreate a Grandmother’s dish for supper. Exact copy.

I’ll take the lasagna designer Bruno Oro tells me about in his description of this project. Delicious lasagna made by grandma, put partway into the device for a bit of a scan, sent over a network to her grandson’s device, ready to push the GO button when he gets there. Made fresh.

Once your device has got the data your grandmother sent, you put the device by a plate. Once beside the plate, the device stretches a protective gel cover inside which the food is replicated. The goo is in place so that the molecules in your hands don’t get warped into a piece of cake.

That said, I worry a little bit about a “The Fly” situation where you turn a bug into a piece of pizza, eat it, then turn into a fly.

Real stuff.

Designer: Bruno Oro



Home Sweet Home by Bruno Oro




  • Ivo Spasov says:

    that`s an idea from movie ‘The Fifth Element’ when Milla Jovovich replicate her chiцken in apartment of priest 🙂
    i`ll wait to see this product in reality 😉

  • Renwick says:

    Simply using words like “plasma” and “nano” doesn’t make something any more feasible.

    What does a “nano body gel” do? What’s the point of a “plasma laser”?

    • Richard says:

      I was thinking the same thing, but not only this product show a few informations how the things happen. Thinking about this i guess that all designs cannot be fully detailed, what is the logic of expose your entire project with details?copy?

  • Lara says:

    James, you need look more at the news, this is a concept project, or you preffer the bronze age??

  • Ivo Spasov says:

    if this product become to reality it`ll be possible to teleport everything :)))
    BUT ! it`s not possible. it is UTOPIA !
    to make food or something like this it`s mean to have machine to make all possible substances on this planet!! it`s not possible.
    you can print atoms with nanotech but how you`ll scan things that you want to print ? how ?
    it`s not enough only to believe :)))

  • mike says:

    SO FAKE>>> LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erk says:

    What they don't tell you is that several unicorns had to die just to make that delicious goo.

  • Diamondoid says:

    Actually the idea is not that far off from reality. Using a combination of advanced nanomechanical synthesis and/or controlled cold and hot plasma, we could produce any form of matter, any atom, or combination of atoms, using “cold fusion” type processes. You could either write a CAD software blueprint or scan existing materials and replicate them, and, ultimately, teleport them, to your heart’s content. This would totally transform current society and economics.

    Everyone would have guaranteed access to essentially unlimited material goods and even energy, once you learn to use that plasma system to tap into the energy of space itself.

    The only downsides would be accidents/mistakes and intentional abuse, as well as what happens when you have billions of people who now/then have the personal material/energy capital to do what in the past only the super rich and governments could do.

  • rachel metz says:

    Where can we get one of those ??

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