Food Cuts with Cute Cups

Actually they’re more like tiny bowls. This right here is a fantastic, I daresay essential tool for your kitchen if you’re really into chopping. I’ve got a major love for chopping, most people who love chopped up fruits and vegetables love chopping, we ALL love chopping. So this is the “Bowlboard,” where you can not only chop with ease, you can separate what you’ve chopped with ease into laid-in bowls. Then when they’re full, just lift em out and pour em. Such a brilliant little thing!

This whole board is made of carbonized bambo, an “eco-friendly” type of situation for your home. I know you love that sort of stuff. This is the FUTURE. Save the whales while chopping the carrots!

Then the boals are white colored malamine which is mold resistant and non-porous. As you can see, they just sit in the board, removable for easy cleaning of everything by itself.

Chop chop chop!

Organize, organize, organize.

Designer: Kain Lucas of Ute Australian Design [ Buy it Here, Bowlboard is available for $69.00 @ YD Store ]


Bowlboard is available for $69.00 @ YD Store