Glasses made from recycled phone-screens: Yay or Nay?


It’s a heart-sinking feeling when you pick your phone up from the floor to see a crack running right across the screen from one corner to another. You’re faced with two choices. Live with the cracked display, accepting its imperfections because nothing in life is truly perfect… or get the glass on top swapped for a brand new one. There isn’t much you can do with that broken piece of glass once it comes off your phone… that’s until now.

Pentatonic is converting disposed phone glasses (a large-scale yet less publicised waste problem) into literal glassware. Partnering with waste management firms that carefully sort through and separate the glass, Pentatonic melts them, and forms them into tumblers that are food-safe, dishwasher friendly, and let’s not forget, absolutely scratch resistant!

Kitchenware by GorillaGlass… has a nice ring to it.

Designer: Pentatonic