Elegant tabletop waste disposal system turns all your food-waste into nutrient-rich compost

Like a high-end trash-can designed to sit on your kitchen countertop, the Cavdle WasteCycler offers a much better alternative to using your kitchen sink’s garbage disposer. The entirely concealed unit creates the perfect conditions to turn any sort of food waste into rich compost, from food scraps and peels to even bones, cartons, and biodegradable plastics. Moreover, the Cavdle WasteCycler’s built-in air purification system even eliminates the stink, allowing food to break down into nutrient-dense fertilizer without that weird funky garbage odor.

Working both as a garbage disposal system and a compost generator, the Cavdle WasteCycler isn’t the kind of device you’d hide away in the shed. Its cutting-edge design borrows from the aesthetic seen on washing machines, with a clear tinted lid that lets you see the Cavdle WasteCycler go to work at your food waste, breaking it down rapidly using aerobic decomposition. The Cavdle WasteCycler relies on 5 parameters to help turn organic substances into compost – Time, Humidity, Temperature, Dry Organics, and Oxygen. It then goes to work, creating compost without the smell, the mess, or even the sound. Operating at just under 35 decibels, the Cavdle WasteCycler grinds down your food waste while heating it up to the exact temperature needed to help good bacteria thrive while killing off the bad bacteria. At the end of the day, you’re left with a natural fertilizer that you can then use to nourish your plants, while resting assured that your food waste isn’t going into a landfill where it generates methane and contributes to global warming.

Designer: CavdleLife

Standing at a little over 12 inches tall, the Cavdle WasteCycler is a sleek device large enough to sit on any kitchen countertop. With an internal basket that can hold up to 2 liters of waste at a time, the kitchen gadget comes with a transparent-window lid that lets you see how full-empty your device is, and tilts forward at a slight angle to not just enable visibility and accessibility, but also to let gravity and the rotating blades work in unison so that the Cavdle WasteCycler can effectively grind all your waste without missing anything.

The Cavdle WasteCycler comes with an internal basket that can hold up to 2 liters of organic matter. You can access the basket by simply twisting to open the clear lid, adding the waste, and twisting the lid shut back again. A simple UI comprising 4 buttons and an LCD display let you operate the Cavdle WasteCycler, telling it how much waste is on the inside, and choosing its run time. You can rapidly process your waste using the Quick mode in under 2 hours, or go for the Standard 4-hour mode that works even with biodegradable plastics. A third Ferment mode lets you customize your cycle to take a longer time while consuming lesser energy.

The Cavdle WasteCycler’s blades rotate to grind your waste into a pulp that helps speed up the decomposition process. An intelligent thermal system heats up the inner basket to high temperatures that allow the good bacteria (mesophile) to thrive and break down sugars and proteins, while killing bad pathogenic bacteria and insect eggs. A dual-cartridge filtration system introduces oxygen into the chamber, enabling what’s called aerobic decomposition, and the gases emitted from the decomposition process are further filtered to ensure that the Cavdle WasteCycler emits absolutely no odors.

In just about 2 hours of operation, the Cavdle WasteCycler can reduce 2 litres of waste down by as much as 90%, turning it into compost that you can either use in your own garden, or dispose of for a lower price given the massive volume reduction. Alternatively, you can even sell the compost at farmer’s markets, earning a quick buck out of what essentially was once waste. The Cavdle WasteCycler isn’t just easy to use, it’s easy to maintain too. It consumes roughly 0.7kWh of energy per cycle, using about as much as a lawnmower does in 2 hours of use, and the Cavdle WasteCycler’s internal basket can be removed for periodic cleaning – either under the kitchen sink or even inside your dishwasher!

Available for a discounted price of $269, the Cavdle WasteCycler comes with a 1-year warranty and begins shipping in October 2022.