Bio Robot Refrigerator

As promised, here are the details on the Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator, a concept that has been making quite a splash in the blogosphere! In lay terms, the fridge is a concept where the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. A non-sticky gel surrounds the food item when shoved into the biopolymer gel, creating separate pods. The design features no doors or drawers, and the food items are individually cooled at their optimal temperature thanks to the robot. And since it can take any orientation (hung vertically, horizontally, and even on the ceiling), and can be modified in size, you can fit it in any apartment.

More details in the images…

Designer: Yuriy Dmitriev



Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev

Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev





  • Josh says:

    As someone who has studied thermodynamics at university I can tell you that the design does not “violate any laws of thermodynamics” as people are saying and certainly not the Second law as claimed. The second law deals with entropy of a closed system and as this system is converting waste heat energy into light and spewing this light out into the environment it most certainly isn’t closed. Indeed an implication of the second law allows for this principle to work.

    In theory the physics behind this is perfectly sound (though I can’t speak for the nanotechnology, I have no idea in that regard)

    Any questions, let me know…

  • says:

    It’s difficult to find experienced people in this particular subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  • Devilliers says:

    Should definitely get one cause we can’t find anything in our fridge now:-) 🙂

  • kevin says:

    Please for the frackin love of god at least learn proper English, and punctuation if ur gonna try to sound smart looks like a bunch of 3 year holds with mommy’s iPad got on here shit!!!!

    • jennifer says:

      I do not believe “Gunna” is proper english. Also, You’re missing some punctuation and have it where it is not needed.


      • Tyler says:

        English should be capitalized.

      • Tyler says:

        English should be capitalized. Nobody likes a grammar Nazi.

      • Exsquitine Buble-Schwinslow says:

        The term “proper English” is barely relevant on the internet. There is no “proper English” anymore. There is only Standard English and non-standard English. And even wilth non-standard English, the grammar is still sound. If it can be understood by other people, it is just fine. When understanding is lost, then it is poor grammar.

  • Jay says:

    That’s so freakin cool

  • Hunter says:

    “Frackin” is not a word.
    “God” should be capitalized, if you’re referring to the mythical spirit. If you’re not, then who?

  • Stevie says:

    I so want one! I bet it saves energy

  • Stevie says:

    I so want one! I bet it saves energy!

  • Angela says:

    I’m wondering about it being sanitary. If you are storing raw meats and fish, how can you be sure it’s not cross contaminating with raw fruits and vegetables? Also, I would be concerned about the gel that has been in contact with said raw meat. How can you safely disinfect that? I’m guessing you’d have to replace the gel at some point or use the bottom half for meats and fish and the top half for other groceries????? I still would be worried about salmonella, ecoli and other harmful bacteria!!!!! Not a good idea in my opinion.

    • Kasey says:

      You would still need tp wrap your things im plastic wrap, tin foil or tupperware.

  • Jay says:

    That is so cool take my money and I wonder how much it even is

  • Robyn says:

    What are you people the grammar police. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.

  • Robyn says:

    What are you people the grammar police. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.

    • Vera says:

      That saying is total bullshit. If you don’t like what someone has to say, that’s *YOUR* problem.

  • happykiwi says:

    So I for some reason had a strange thought, what if someone put this above their bed and the power went out? What, will they wake up in a pile of goo?
    This whole post makes me giggle

    • Faith says:

      It doesn’t require electricity

      • Mark says:

        It says the cooling process doesn’t use electricity, but the robots probably still use electricity. I’m not sure, but i think there is a master AI that manages all of the pods to regulate the individual temperatures, and that one probably uses electricity.

  • italian1 says:

    how much is it?

  • Mirza Morera says:


  • Debbie says:

    I would like to know how people are going to be able to clean this frig? Also I definitely could see someone or a child trying to climb in.You know someone is going to try this. lol

  • HaleyyelaH says:

    Only problem, not as much room to put food in as a regular fridge.

  • dessey says:

    Okay really people half of you that left a reply apparently didn’t bother reading because your asking questions that have already been answered or you did read it and didn’t comprehend what you read.. it doesn’t need to be cleaned .. it would be a nice thing.. If it done everything in the post as for the people correcting them .. just because someone can’t spell English does not make them an idiot.. and at least they can come up with a futuristic product. .

  • Aruna Sanjeewa says:

    Send me mor abut ur product

  • B says:

    Could it keep a human body cool?

  • Tiffa says:

    Wooo! physics, chemistry and biology all understood by the same person! Part of reason you see dead animals swell up is decomposition and such. Explosions are the supersonic decay of material. Cold is not an energy but the lack (then absence) of energy.

    there are also endo and ectothermic materials, like Gypsum(plaster of paris) and several other materials–&fn=98-0213-4377-1.pdf
    Metal itself has endothermic properties.

    energy is being used, and transferred but they worded it wrong: electricity vs energy, and other errors.

    I am not saying that this item is valid, but the concepts behind it are logical.

  • Brandon says:

    Hold on forget science for moment and answet this. How would u chill ur leftovers, it’s to thin to fit a big bowl of leftover spaghetti in there

  • Hmm says:

    So what happens to dirt and grime from products or containers that you put in the gel? I could see this getting dirty and uncleanable real fast.

  • ugeen says:

    he diddent say it dosent require energy you dumb ass he sais it dosent requir as much

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  • Logan says:

    The light bulb may not have been questioned but the electricity used was, the idea of how electricity works was taught with liquid. People thought it would “leak” if they left a light bulb out of the socket. And nobody questioned it for nearly a century. So I simply ask that until it is produced and tested you give them the same benefit of the doubt we gave electricity

  • Visi says:

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  • Amber says:

    Really guys it’s a cool fridge okay? There are problems with regular fridges, too. (Door opening space, fitting everything in, cleaning it out, ect.) This is a really cool idea so stop bashing it!

  • Jay to the Cobb says:

    I love this idea. Sure, the thought of green goo chilling food might be a little crazy..and sort of Ghostbusters-esque.. And positively someone will climb into it (aka survival of the fittest) and quite possibly it won’t fit ALL of our leftovers (greedy Americans, myself included) but, I like it. I’d definitely be interested in learning more about this.
    Grammar and all, mythological beings and energy producing metals and salmonella .. All of which made me laugh. Imagine the conversations you and your friends would have around this piece!

  • Aaron Truitt says:

    I have a statement to anyone nitpicking the creator or publisher of this product fuck all of you grammar Nazis she/he can talk or type however they want also if this person is smart enough to build this then regardless how they type or talk your still less intelligent then this person since you all made nothing 🙂 have a nice day



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