Kettles in Detail

Folks at Product Tank have redesigned the kettle for many reasons but the focus still remains on easy carrying and filling. Let me get into the specs of this particular design, it’s got an attached lid that flips out and is used as a mechanism to help fill the kettle. The multiple hand grip positions make it easy to carry, fill and pour the water. A hybrid between the traditional and jug handled design; this kettle provides multiple grip points and has thick insulated walls.

A clear display modeled on the car petrol gauge, shows the how much water you have left in the kettle. As the designer explains….

Filling can either be done traditionally, through the central aperture, or the lid, which can be swung out to any angle and filled through an anti splash mesh opening. I conducted several experiments to find the best aperture ratio to let enough water through, (without running across the top of the mesh) whilst eliminating splashback. This solves the problem encountered when filling many traditional kettles of holding the kettle whilst providing enough space to get the tap past your knuckles. When the lid is closed, it compresses an annular rubber seal, so there can be no burns from escaping steam.

Designer: Product Tank

[youtube: 605 445]

Kettle Design by Product Tank