The hoverboard’s big daddy


The future’s a really great place for concepts. The future holds no restrictions on how you think, which is why some of the craziest ideas get termed as futuristic. The KTM Monodrive is in this aspect, truly futuristic. Debunking the two wheel drive with the rider in the middle, the Monodrive relies on a one-wheel approach with the rider in a skateboard-esque stance. However, to make sure that the experience isn’t completely alien, the driver is provided with handlebars with the ability to accelerate and brake. To steel, simply lean in any given direction.

Now at first glance, the most obvious hazard is the fact that a rotating tyre is exposed to the driver’s forearms and face. Probably a guard of some kind would do some good. Aside from that, I’d fancy seeing this become an entertainment sport of some kind, rather than a mode of communication of course. The perfect vehicle for the daredevil motorhead!

Designer: Laura Lang