Ultraviolette’s Stellar Tribute: Limited ‘Space Edition’ F77 Bike Celebrates Chandrayaan 3’s Triumph

In honoring the Chandrayaan 3’s successful landing on the south pole of the moon, Indian electric mobility startup Ultraviolette unveiled the F77 Space Edition, a limited-edition variant of their popular electric sportsbike. The F77 Space Edition is a hat-tip to India’s undying innovative spirit, and to the country’s technological brilliance.

The F77 Space Edition comes as no surprise given Ultraviolette’s sheer obsession with everything aerospace. Their flagship electric sportsbike’s design cues (and even its name) echo the aggressive beauty of fighter jets, and the Space Edition of the F77 takes their love for supersonic flight beyond the stratosphere… quite literally! Ensconced in white and orange, the F77 Space Edition comes crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum with space-grade paint to match. The electric motorcycle also features an advanced interface that gives you aircraft-grade telemetry including Real-time Roll, Pitch, Yaw feedback, making you feel less like a biker and more like a pilot!

Designer: Ultraviolette

Limited to just 10 units, the F77 Special Edition re-defines custom electric motorcycle innovation at its finest with a whopping 40.5 hp peak power, 100 Nm torque, and a game-changing IDC (Indian Driving Conditions) range of 307 kilometers or approximately 190 miles. The electric motorcycle can hit speeds of 0-60km/h in 2.9 seconds, and reach a top speed of 157 km/h (97.7mph), making it an e-sportsbike that quite literally shoots for the stars.

The F77’s spectacular frame makes it one of the most eye-catching electric motorcycles out there, setting a standard not just in the Indian market, but globally too. Its aggressive stance and trailing rear make it look like a jet in mid-air, and its construction embodies the ethos of the aviation industry – If a particular component or feature is not serving a core functional need, it simply does not exist. To that end, every single part of the F77 comes tested to 99.9% reliability and predictability, ensuring each sportsbike is built with the same no-compromises mentality as a fighter jet.

The Space Edition takes things up a notch, with a refined aesthetic that’s a perfect homage to India’s extraterrestrial ambitions. The Special Edition F77 features a custom-machined 7075 aluminum alloy fairing and components. Aluminum 7075 has a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, and is lighter than most steels yet has a similar tensile strength. Due to its exceptional properties, it is often employed in parts like aircraft structures, defense systems, and various applications, especially in aerospace and military industries.

The F77 Space Edition also gets an overhauled dashboard, featuring aircraft-grade telemetry data. The avionics in the electric motorcycle include multiple fail-proof systems for the battery and just like in an aircraft, the system can measure Roll, Pitch, and Yaw through a 9-axis IMU. The experience transcends anything an electric motorcycle can offer.

The F77 Space Edition also comes with a novel aerospace-grade paint-job, using the same chemical paints employed by aircrafts. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this paint provides outstanding corrosion protection, UV and fade resistance, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. Its smooth finish ensures that the motorcycle retains its sleek appearance even in the most challenging situations and for an extended period of time. Furthermore, the paint aids in improving overall performance by reducing drag, thereby boosting efficiency.

Unveiled this week amidst the celebration of ISRO’s triumphant moon-landing mission, the F77 Space Edition will be limited to just 10 units and will start at a price of ₹560,000 rupees ($6780 USD). Bookings for the F77 Space Edition will open on August 22 at 6 PM IST on the company’s official website.