Razor’s upbeat cargo e-scooter gets customizable second passenger seat

It has been more than two decades now since Razor burst into the scene with a scooter that sold five million units. Fast forward to the present day, the brand has a line of kick scooters and other popular wheelers. Now they are blurring the lines of an electric scooter and cargo bike with an attractive fusion, city riders will acknowledge.

Dubbed the EcoSmart Cargo, this two-wheeler can be labeled as a more advanced version of the EcoSmart Metro. The difference is an adult passenger seat and a beefy rear rack for hauling cargo. The scooter supports a total weight of 300 pounds, and the rear removable seat for the passenger makes way for more space to ferry things. EcoSmart Cargo’s convertible rack system makes this possible. So, it can be a passenger seat with underneath storage, a customizable rack, or a basket depending on the needs.

Designer: Razor

According to the makers, the electric vehicle is meant for adults and focuses on high performance and maximum utility. The two-wheeler has a very stylish design in the form of a roomy bamboo deck and olive green body. There’s no dearth of power as well since the cargo scooter has a 1,000-watt high torque motor fed by the 46.8V lithium-ion battery pack. It can hurl to a top speed of 19.9 mph and boasts a range of up to 16.6 miles on a single charge. There are five-speed levels to have maximum control over the needed throttle. The digital display shows the current speed, battery level and speed level.

Riding comfort is one of the priorities here as the 16-inch fat pneumatic tires ensure a smooth ride even over bumps. The padded seat can be adjusted for height and position. To protect the riders from the perils of inclement weather, there are front and rear fenders. Razor EcoSmart Cargo carries a price tag of $1,099 which is lesser than the Segway SuperScooter GT Series GT1 which hits 37.3 mph. The latter however has that bit extra to justify a steep price tag of $2,500.