Water Zoomin with Personal Propeller

Do you ever get tired of floating along on your water raft, having to use your hands and feet to get around? Here’s the key for you! This is the “Inflatable Water Propeller” by Chao-yang Chou and Sian-Zong Chen. It propels you through the water. It can also sit still while you chill in the water. This first one includes the inflatable air cushion that attaches to it. Burn your skin all day, floating about, or use this device to rock and roll. What you do is hold on tight and let the propeller JAM you through the waves. Speedily!

Now the cool thing about this device is it’s two different ways of propelling. First, you can use it while the raft is inflated. That’s right! You can be sleeping soundly while being zoomed across the lake. Weird! Awesome. Then, if you deflate the raft, you can use the propeller underwater. That’s right! Fly UNDER the waves with this maddeningly amazing hard rock machine, ownership required for the best summer ever.

Designers: Chao-yang Chou and Sian-Zong Chen

Inflatable Water Propeller by Chao-yang Chou and Sian-Zong Chen