Natural Tree Chair

Oh, the Swiss. Look at what Michel Bussien’s made. It’s called the “Growing Chair” and it’s potted just for you! Sit on your favorite tree and think about how elvish you are. You can see it growing like it’s an ant-farm! Potted and on rollers here, but if you plant it with the right elements in nature, remove the box and the plant is treeish!

It’s an experiment in naturetoligy. Or naturalism. Or un-naturalism? In any case, Bussien wants us to get back to our roots, literally, etc. In his manifesto below, explore the greener side of things for great justice!

The Nature Manifesto

Having evolved from nature, we have gradually differentiated ourselves from it. Modern society has come to build itself on the perception that nature and man are separated. This differentiation has come to inhibit us and our way of creating. We have now reached the point when the way forward is going back.

We have to accept that we and everything we create are part of nature.
This mindset is essential for evolution as a whole. When applying this to our way of thinking we will liberate ourselves from stagnated conventions.

To move further we need to incorporate the living matter that surrounds us. Let us use the complexity of living nature and include it in our creations. These creations will then redefine the way we reconstruct nature. Only then will we truly move forward.

It is time for man and nature to reunite.

– Michel Bussien

Generally trees are pretty comfortable to sit in. They are made that way for monkeys. Monkeys sit in trees and just hang out because trees were made for monkeys to hang out in. Because we humans were never meant to climb tall trees to sit in, the seat portion of the tree is generally higher than most people can reach. That’s where this chair comes in! Bend nature to your will!

Or do what Michel Bussien suggests: re-root!

Designer: Michel Bussien


  • pedro gomes says:

    the image is great, the message i doubt. That it’s the absolute controversy of green, eco or sustainable. making a tree grow inside plastic, deforming it to fit the designers needs … doesn’t seem right to me … a bit pointless and harmifull.

    sorry, just an opinion…

    • Alicefun says:

      Agree with u. I also doubt if it is suitble to make so samll room for the trees.

  • pedro gomes says:

    and you appeal to the green side of things : “Bussien wants us to get back to our roots, literally, etc. In his manifesto below, explore the greener side of things for great justice!” and you use plastic as a second material – one of the most non – eco materials …

  • Jim Jones says:

    I love supposedly eco-friendly ideas that are made with plastic. Such a marketing gimmick. Don’t people realize that plastics will be in our environment for millions of years? That’s certainly not eco-friendly.

  • arun says:

    I love this chair really great blog

  • yoyoMan says:

    Plant cruelty!! lol

    check this for inspiration, no plastic, boxes or wheels… and even has a shade…

  • Robalot says:

    I love eco-morons who make the comment “will be in our environment for millions of years”. Hello?! Millions of years from now everything you see will have been subducted back into the Earth…and it goes round-and-round.

  • Sox the Kat says:

    Robalot is right. I think to dispose of our garbage, particularly hazardous waste, we should be throwing it into volcanoes and/or burying it along subductive tectonic fault lines. I’m absolutely serious.

  • August Spies says:

    There’s really no reason this couldn’t be done with glass – one of the most eco-friendly materials. It stands up much better to prolonged And in any case, there are always non-petrochemical sources for plastics. Either way, by the time a few generations of these chairs have matured, we will have learned a lot about the process.

    I don’t really see how this is cruel to trees. It’s far less twisted than carving up a tree, planing it and then shaping it into a chair (not to mention the metal or plastic alternatives that are becoming mroe common all the time, niether of which has a small ecological footprint). How is this different from espallier, the art of tending a tree to grow up a wall, a traditional practice in the uber-green science of permaculture.

    What’s really interesting about this design is the woodworking aspects. As a tree like this grew, it would have a consistent grain throughout the whole piece. Instead of being a bunch of individual straight pieces nailed, glued or screwed together (creating major structural weakpoints), creating an immensely strong form. It makes me wonder what other shapes we could grow – bridge arches? Building framing? We’re growing the trees to build this kind of thing all the time anyway, why not grow them in shape?

  • @imcep says:

    Sweet design, and I think I enjoy the idea of sitting on a tree, as long as it's beetle free and the tree is left unscathed.

  • @imcep says:

    Sweet design, and I think I enjoy the idea of sitting on a tree, as long as it's beetle free and the tree is left unscathed.

  • vincent says:

    No Need for the plastic, lookup Pooktre for nice grown furniture.

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