Is Your Bottle as Pure as Your Water?

Can you tell the difference between clean and dirty water? Sure you can. Dirty water looks… well, dirty. How about water that’s old and fresh? Or water that has bacteria versus water that doesn’t? That’s where you falter, because there’s only so much the eye can see. You end up relying on your nose, which will tell you that the water isn’t fresh, but oftentimes it’s the bottle that isn’t cleaned, not the water!

What Quartz does, is in a way unprecedented and has the potential of changing the way we consume water or beverages. In a world where drinking from disposable plastic bottles is bad for the environment, and drinking from uncleaned flasks is as good as drinking from the toilet bowl, the Quartz is the only water bottle that blasts harmful microorganisms with UV light, sterilizing your bottle and its contents six times a day.

Designed to be the one bottle you never leave home without, Quartz works just as good as any thermos/flask you have, keeping cold drinks cold for a day, and hot drinks hot for half a day. Convenient in size, and with a wide mouth that allows you to rinse out the bottle, Quartz goes the extra step with its special cap that comes embedded with a medical grade UV light that shines into the bottle at a 280nm wavelength, effectively killing any germs your eye may not see, while making sure the bottle remains odorless. The UV light shines every four hours, and can also be triggered by simply touching the cap. In a matter of 60 seconds, your bottle and its contents get a medical grade UV cleanse, so that you’re always consuming beverages at their freshest.

What makes Quartz such a winner is the fact that it doesn’t add any fluff or a learning curve to the original thermos/flask. Outwardly they look exactly the same, and the only true difference is in the cap that houses a UVC LED. The cap needs to be charged and runs for 2 entire months on a full charge, which makes it pretty great because you can charge it and then forget about it. A small price to pay for water that’s at its purest, I would say.

Available in four rather eye-catching color combinations that echo the theme of purity, the Quartz is the only bottle that purifies your beverage and sterilizes the insides of your bottle too. For what it’s worth, you can even use the UV LED to cleanse everything from your hands, to your cutlery!

Designer: Justin Wang of QUARTZ

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With digital purification from UVC light, your water and bottle is purified at the touch of a button.







Click here to Buy Now: $59.00 $99.00