No Motion, No Electricity – Cutie!

I’m not calling your face attractive, I’m talking about the the BugPlug! It’s a power device that’s cute as a button! I’m sure you’re quite nice looking though, that’s why BugPlug has it’s eyes on you! It detects when you’re in the facility and keeps your devices powered. When you’re gone, the timer goes off, and when it’s done, the devices are done too! Not destroyed, just denied their electricity until you get back.

And what is it about this little guy that makes him so cute? Well, he had some lovely inspiration! The fabulously attuned folks at Ah&Oh Studio saw the seemlingly-endless supply of kawaii that the urban vinyl toy industry’s been dishing out for several years now, and popped one out of their own! And what a lovely little child it is!

Designer: Ah&Oh Studio