How Quiet the Office Life

If you spend the majority of your life in the office, you’ve gotta know what it means to be distracted by sound. You sit in that office five days a week, the same cube, things that would normally go over your head become utterly powerful annoyances. Your production time goes down, your quality of life goes down. How do you stay up? You get inside your “Cocoon” of sound. That’s right! Block the madness with the loving glowing loving glow of either white noise or music of your choice.

This lovely pad works by being strapped to whichever seat you use on a regular basis. You sit down and bam! You’ve got instant comfort with the pad on your back, then bam! You’ve got your white noise OR music of your choice via the activated Cocoon. The device gets its power from batteries that can be charged up through USB, which is where you can also access the music (or OCEAN SOUNDS, yay!) that you want to project to you, and only you, helping you work as hard as you can!

It’s important to note, too, that you can use this with any chair with a back. The Cocoon is good for more than just the office. Check out that swimming picture below. It’s pretty obvious to me that if Michael Phelps had the opportunity at the time he won his billion metals to use the Cocoon instead of that ol’ crappy iPod, he totally would have! Right?

Designer: Natalia Romanova

Cocoon personal sound-screen system by Romanova Natalia