Behold! The Living Pixels!

It’s a rare day when I or any of my compatriots here at Yanko use the real title of the project in the title of the post for the project, but it just sounded so sweet today. Kinda like a monster of futurism! And that’s what it is! Behold! This is a lighting system that goes by the name “Living Pixels” and it’s designers have taken that which already exists, charging it with the true energy of design-perfect creativity, creating light! Lovely, colorful light!

So what’s used here? You might ask. First there’s energy saving lightbulb systems, then there’s reused lamp stands to hold them up with. Finally, there’s the most important element- the diffuser. Made up of re-used banner material from any number of strange sources, cutting and sewing them back together to create diffusion masterpieces!

The vintage lightstands come from antique and junk stores from Cat Street in central Hong Kong, used with as little modification done to them as possible. Low-energy-consuming lightbulbs used in these lamps are courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Megaman.

The really fun part of using these banners is that they’re all printed only on one side. While the lamp is switched off, the shades appear white (because they ARE white.) When the lamp is switched on, WOW what a fabulous array you get you feast your eyeballs on.

Light also escapes through intentional holes throughout the shade, creating a “vivid, luminous pattern” of light, obviously straight from Heaven. ALSO note — each piece here is a one-off for now. At this moment, this project exists only as a piece-by-piece operation.

Designers: Chan Wan Ki Kay, Chen Siu Wa Shai Chai, and Suen Ka Hei Catherine


Living Pixels lighting system by Chan Wan Ki Kay, Chen Siu Wa Shai Chai, and Suen Ka Hei Catherine