You Have Never Folded Like This Chair Folds

Alright. This is it. This is the folding chair you’ve been waiting for. It’s designed to be comfortable (of course), stack well (of course), and totally look amazing. It’s springy, compact folded in or out, and has been worked on with tender loving care by designer Jens Tandstad for basically a billion years.

It’s the Poesi Folding Chair. And it’s totally nice.

Tandstad was invited to display an earlier version of this chair at Salone Satellite 2008. That version was hand made(!), and made of wood, and was improved upon since. This version is plastic, and can easily be multiplied. See the picture of the stacks on the cart? In a 120 by 120 by 120cm cube, you can stack approximately 150 chairs, stacked totally nicely.

And check it out: Tandstad passes on the word that it’s available to license right now: “for a royalty of 3% and 30 000 $ cash, patents included.”

Buy up!

Designer: Jens Tandstad of KARDANG Design