Corian Roulette Table by Moritz Waldemeyer

The roulette table features a Corian top and aluminium legs. The hanging light above the table is made form thermoformed Corian. The table surface is illuminated from within to create the roulette board, where the bets are placed. The hanging lamp symbolises an inverted roulette wheel. When the croupier activates the game, lights in the lamp start running in a circle, while the numbers on the table flash in a random sequence. When the flashing stops, the single winning number remains illuminated.

A note on random number generation: It is a known fact that there is no computer algorithm that can produce true random numbers. However it is possible to use sensors that monitor true random phenomenons to create random numbers. This approach was used in this table: the input of the croupier is a true random event, that determines the winning number, just like in the traditional roulette game.

Designer: Moritz Waldemeyer