Mercedes Benz Points to 2050

You heard it here first, folks, 2050 is the new 2010. Remember when the year 2000 was the tag people put on their projects to push them conceptually into the future? It’s not that anymore, it’s the year 2050, and that’s exactly when designer Felipe Palermo places his “Mercedes-Benz Arrow” concept. You’re gonna be driving this in 40 years. That’s a long time from now! You’ll have to buy it for… your grandchildren? Man. Future!

One of the big ideas here is that in the future, during the week, suspended rail systems will be used by the majority of the citizens of the major cities. Thus, this car must be a recreational vehicle made for use for fun on the weekends. The layout of this “Arrow” vehicle is done by TANDEM, the designer aiming to draw comparisons to other leisure vehicles such as motorcycles, jet skis, and personalized aircraft.

This car works with a system of opposing magnets, MAGLEV, which allows the vehicle to take on some amazing curves. The tires allow for rubber to be re-injected once breakdown of the first set occurs, allowing for longer life and less (maybe even NO) dumping of waste because of wheels.

Design inspired by old Silver Arrows, Slr Mclaren, and the 1954 Gull-wing.

Designer: Felipe Palermo

Mercedes Benz Arrow concept car by Felipe Palermo