Fashionably Buoyant and Alive

How not to sink while still staying nice-looking for all the squirrels and dolphins and mythical forrest animals. That’s the alternate title to this post. This post is about a project just titled “The Lifejacket,” designed by Fraser Reekie. Made for all those potential lifejacket wearers who for some reason or another don’t take that crucial step: putting it on. To show improve, Reekie upped the hotness and lowered the amount of terrible, terrible straps flying everywhere.

Well heck, where are the straps then if you can’t even see them? I mean, you gotta have a bunch of straps, right? Yes. All lifejackets seem to NEED to have a million straps, so Reekie decided to bury them down under. All the straps are accessible right in the front, no longer snaggable on the back: looking good so far.

Snags are a big reason lots of people find wearing a lifejacket to be LESS SAFE than not wearing one. Thus, the straps are under material, and the zips are concealed as well. Not only that, but Stomatext Stretch panels hold your lifejacket tighter to your body.

Zips can be revealed, however, as there are bits of clothing that potentially attach to each of the different model lifejackets. There’s a full protection offshore style jacket, a lightweight spray top and a windproof gilet.

Tight. Good looking. Well done.

Designer: Fraser Reekie

The Lifejacket by Fraser Reekie