Carving Up the Ice Caps

So it’s summer. You get kinda tired of the skin-bubbling heat, so you decide to head to the chill zone for some much-needed ski or snowboard or sled-dog action. You get out there and you get injured in a major way! Who comes to the rescue? Wolves. Well not anymore! Now there’s the CARV, aka the Compact Alpine Rescue Vehicle as designed by Matt Hardman.

With a name like Hardman you imagine dear M.H. must be a one bad mother designer. And having a reputation as a bad mother designer and alpine rescue expert AND total bad-ass mountain man, you know he’s got his brain in the right place with this four-track monster from ice heaven.

But what’s this? The CARV is good to go in both winter AND summer conditions. Steel banded rubber track systems, air suspension, handling and control superior to that of the competition (riding wolves never turns out nice.) A 2.0 liter diesel electric hybrid engine and a casualty-strap ready stretcher to by hung from the rear. This stretcher can be loaded in and out of the CARV using its winch system.

The bodies can be found quickly with GPS tracking beacons installed inside the current life pass system, read by the CARV and bounced in through the eyeballs of the rescue driver.

It’s fabulous track, find, rescue technological awesomeness.

Designer: Matt Hardman

CARV Compact Alpine Rescue Vehicle